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Safety of Natural Gas Cross Country Pipeline Network, In Indian Context

Authors: Raufeek MH & Dr. Nihal Anwar Siddiqui.

Ref: Int J OHSFE-Allied Sci./Article.1/Vol. 1/Issue 1/Jan-Dec,2018.


Can Natural gas industry meet increasing customer needs? This question is very common these days amongst many Natural Gas customers and Natural Gas industry executives all over the country. Today Indian customer wants to know if there would be enough natural gas with an adequate transportation and distribution system to meet the growing needs of clean fuel.

When hazardous materials like Gaseous Hydrocarbon / Natural gas are transferred through pipelines, they pose severe hazard problems for human beings and property in the vicinity. In view of this safeguard for pipelines are essential and one of the important needs to be considered during designing, operating and maintaining a piping system. Initiating and contributing Hazards associated with the pipeline carrying Hydrocarbons like Natural Gas can be mainly human errors, equipment failure, system or procedure failure, external reason and the Consequences of various hazards are gas leakage, fires, Health Hazard etc. Operating the Cross Country Natural Gas pipeline system at high pressure, passing through a thickly populated area, lack of public awareness, ongoing construction activities etc. poses a significant hazard in Indian context on Safest Method of Transportation. Hence, it is important to an established robust mechanism for safe operation and maintenance of cross country pipeline in India. This includes Health, Safety & Environment Management System; Awareness; Pipeline Maintenance and Fire Protection Systems.

The integrity of Natural Gas Pipeline System comes through the continuous efforts in all stages to ensure that pipeline is designed, commissioned, operates and maintained as per stipulated codes and standards. Further, technological upgradation in operation, inspection and maintenance enhance the safety of pipeline system and increase the safety at a greater extent.

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